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Currently JLGolf supports two types of watches: Android wearable devices and Pebble watches.

Android wearable devices

Android wearable can be found in a number of variants.

Round and square versions.

Models with a build in GPS, and models without GPS.

Android version on the watch are controlled by Google. Currently all watches has the same android version installed.. For now that ensures that android version is not important.

JLGolf on wearable devices supports both round and square versions.

JLGolf supports both wearable devices with and without buildin GPS.

Q: Can warable device be used without the phone.

A: Yes the devices with GPS can be used without connection to the phone.

The watch will use the phone GPS if available. Should a phone not be connected it will use its own GPS if available.

Different screenshots and why:

The following screenshots are from the app when used as a standalone app, not using the JLGolf app. The data shown are all about a course, not a roud. This layout is supported by JLGolf, JLGolf free and JLGolf wearable.

img img

The above layouts are from a single tee, as it does hold information on hole idx and lenght. There is an even lighter layout that only shows distance information and the hole number. This will give you bigger fonts, but less information. To use the ultra light layout, simply do not select a specific tee when starting the app, but select "Distance only".

The next 2 screenshots are from a round, in addition to distance data it also has shots, and allows you to enter shots on the phone.

This layout is supported by JLGolf and JLGolf free. It's not supported in the JLGolf wearable version as this version does not have a phone app.

img img

Battery usage:

Currently battery is a problem on all tested wearable devices. Are working on a solution to this, and have successfully been able to walk 18 holes with a watch and still have about 40 % of my battey left. But the average experience would be that the watch will stop after about 15 holes.

Pebble watch

Using JLGolf in connection with the pebble watch will allow you to show distance information on the watch. It will show distance to center, front and back if available.


Battery usage:

My personal experience is that the Pebble watch is a usable solution, the battery should last a full round of golf, I have not experienced battery related problems. It should get you thrue a full round of golf.
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