Quick howto


Main screen contains 3 tabs (Rounds, Courses, Players) click the tab to switch.


Start by creating a Player. Go to Player list.

Click the + button on top to add a new Player. (Modify the data for this player)

To delete a player, click the player to edit. Now press the menu button on top and select delete.

Now having set up a player, you are ready to download a Course.


Move to the Course list

Click the menu button and select search button

Now search for the course by typing part of the course name (do not enter full course name, keep it as low as perhaps 3-4 characters)

When the course is found and in the list. Click on the course and choose "Download".

To delete a Course, click the course in the list, when tee list is shown click menu button on top and select delete.

Now you should have both player and course, and your ready to start playing.


Move to the Round list.

Click the "+" button on to to create new Round.

This will give you a list of courses currently downloaded. Select the course you are playing today.

Now you should get a list of players on your phone. Select the players you are with today. (its golf so min 1, max 4) click OK button.

Now the round starts.

You should now be within the round.

A round has 3 screens (Total, Hole, Result) switch between them by swiping the screen.

At the "total" screen, you can add or remove players or adjust the gametype you are playing ...

The next screen is the Hole screen, where you can enter scores for each hole as you play.

Click the player name to unfold the player box showing options for Fairway hit and other statistics.

Click the button on top with hole number to get distance view options.

+ and - buttons will switch between holes.

Last screen is the "result" screen showing you a full scorecard and some statistics.
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