JLGolf for iPhone


The iPhone version is introduced in 4 languages (English, German, Swedish and Danish)

Default language is English.

Feature list

Here is a small list of features in the iPhone version of JLGolf.


- Scorecard edit by hole or quick edit full scorecard.

- Round statistics

- View scorecard as pdf in preferred style, choose between default or statiscics view.

- Easy access to distance information for each hole.

- Mail scorecard pdf to players

- Upload / Synchronize rounds.


- Search / Download courses in area or by name

- Create or modify courses, and share by uploading your courses.

- Rating tables for all tees. (depends on rating type used)


- Player statistics for all players that are created.


- EGA, USGA and CONGO rating

- Support for metric and yards


Ok, but what is missing :-)

Compared to the android version, you will not find this :

- Map views.

- Club distance measure. Ability to measure distance of single shots, and keep statistics for each player on this.

- Import / Export features.


Below you see a few screenshots from JLGolf iPhone version.


This is the main hole entry. In this panel you select hole with + / - buttons.

Click the button with the hole number to get distances on this hole. This will show a list of markers for this hole including distance from you current position.

Player 1 (Jim Larsen) is expanded to allow entry of stat info like fairway. You toogle between expanded and collapsed by click on the player name.

Below the playername you always see current info for the round for this player, including number of shots and/or number of stableford points.


This is actually the first panel you see when you create a new round.

It shows som overall info about the round, like course name, gametype (Strokeplay, Matchplay, Stableford a.o), Hcp type (used when playing with a reduced handicap), Number of holes (On an 18 hole course you can choose between front 9, back 9 or all 18, on a 9 hole course you can choose between 9 and 18 holes)

Below this you see info about each player including selected tee, used handicap and some information about status on players round.

By clicking name you can change player to another player, you can change the tee his playing og remove player from round. You can also change order or players in this round if the default is not ok.

If you look at the bottom if the screen you see 3 dots. This is because this view has three pages. This is the first one. The page described above is the second page, and there is a third page showing info on the round totals like shots/stablefor in/out/gross/nett. It also have info about number of pars, bogies birdies a.o.

You switch page by swiping the screen on your device, or by clicking the dots in the list below.


This page is not a round view, but from player tab.

On each player you will have two pages. Page on is player edit view, and page two have statistics for this players played rounds.

This includes:

- average shots on par 3/4/5 holes.

- Pct of holes played to par/birdie/bogey

Quick howto

Main screen is a tab view with 3 lists, rounds, courses and players, you switch list by selecting tab,

When on a list (round, course, player) you click the line you wich to show/edit. This gets you to detail views.

Detail views are in general page views with multiple views. At the bottom you will see a dot for each page.

You switch page by swiping the screen (left or right) or click the dots in the bottom of the screen.

When in sub pages you should always be able to get back, using button in top left side of the screen, this button will have different names on each page/view.

In the top right area of the screen, there will often be a button named "Menu". Click this to find additional features, including options like search for courses, upload, delete a.o.

During course and player edit, nothing is saved until you press the save button on the top. During rounds, changes are saved automatic as you make changes, there are no save buttons here.

Hopefully this should be enough to make you an advanced JLGolf user :-)

Should you find problems, have questions, miss your local or favorite course, or simply would love to have added a new feature, send an email to support@jlgolf.net
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