JLGolf is a scorecard, golf GPS application, that will assist you on course, with keeping track on your scorecard, and help you around the course with distances to any given point on the course.

Find courses in your area, or create new courses in minutes.

Latest news

New version for Android released 2016-08-03, this update added an extra stat for Gir, named Gir(hcp) and calculates gir using current hcp.

A specific update for DK/DA - removed DGU data integration.

New version for Android released 2015-07-30, this update fixes some problems running on 5.* (Lollipop).

The wearable app has been updated, and will use less battery.

A new version of the android app has been released (2015-01-05) that includes support for Android wearable devices. In addition to JLGolf supporting wearable devices a new app has be released JLGolf wear that is a wearable only version of JLGolf.

Here are a few screenshots:

img img

img img

(2014-12-29) Version 3.0.3 for IOS finally released, it has been in review for way too long, but now its finally here. The update is small, and actually only matters for the few still running IOS 7. This version fixes problems where IOS 7 users could not use JLGolf at all.

(2014-11-05) Version 3.0.2 for IOS fixes Quickscore problems and problem creating players from list.

(2014-10-16) Version 3.0.1 released for iPhone fixing IOS8 related problems related to location data. This update also included some minor UI changes.

Found problems in version 2.9, IOS 8 support.

We are currently workning on fixing the problems, and a fix will be released as soon as possible. Until this we do not recommend updating phones to IOS 8.

The fix will also include support for the new iPhone 6 phones.

Current released version for IOS i 2.9 (release date 2014-08-18)

New version for IOS has been released (2014-04-30). This version includes list of live rounds, fixes for 9 hole HCP and fix for some map freezes. Both free and paid versions are updated to version 2.8

Released version is (IOS 2014-03-13, Android 2014-04-09)

Both Android and iPhone versions will have new features allowing you to change what stats to track in you game. If you do not use the sandsafe statistics, then simply rename this stat to track what makes sense to you. This way you could get statistics on duff, number of miss shots or anything you like.

The next iPhone version will have a few more missed features that are currently only found in the Android version. That includes the option to keep rounds live, allowing others to follow you game as you play it, and the option to share a round public allowing your budddy to download the round you just played, exactly as if you registered it yourself.

IOS just got a free version released (2012-01-24) as on android the free version is exactly the same as the full version, only limited in number of rounds, courses and players.

IOS version released 2013-10-31, adding options to keep GPS on when screen if off, giving you faster location data. This version will also add support for Pebble watch, giving you the option to have location data presented on you watch.

Update to the Android version was released 2013-10-17

Pebble watch

Pebble watch support was introduced in the Android version 2.4.5. the next Android version will have a minor update fixing button press handling, and auto start of phone app.

Pebble watch support will also be introduced to the next iPhone version (2.5). The next iPhone version will include an option to keep gps on during round to give quick access to distances, but this will consume more battery.


Some problems has been found running iOS 7 on iPhone 4 / 4S. Problems have been solved and a fix was released 2013-10-10.

iPhone version has been updated to support iOS 7 (2013-09-24).

iPhone version 2.2 is out. (2013-08-27)

New versions released (2013-08-17), including marking of preferred tee on courses and some minor bug fixing.

Pebble watch integration: The Android version includes integration to Pebble watch. This is currently beta and should be enabled in JLGolf settings.

iPhone version had some problems uploading, but this is fixed in the just released version. (2.1) 2013-07-27.

New Android version released 2013-07-20 (2.4.4) see changelist.

New iPhone version released 2013-07-12 (2.0) see changelist.

Released Android version 2.4.3 that fixes some import, and NFC problems, and includes a minor change to the distancelist using bigger fonts.

JLGolf Free version 2.4.1 introduced some limitations on the number of Rounds (5), Courses(2) and Players(5). A full version of JLGolf is available on Google Play (but its not free).

It is possible to stay on the Free version, just keep number of Rounds, Courses and Players below max, by deleting old ones.

Finally including Spanish translation added by Roberto. The version also got a needed update to the German translation.
Starting from the 2.4.1 version there will be NFC support. Devices supporting NFC can exchange the current Player, Course or Scorecard between devices by holding the devices against each other, NFC support is limited to android 4.1+ devices.

Release date 2013-05-18.

Upgrade from Free to full version

Users upgrading from Free version could have there data move to the full version i several ways.

1) By using synchronize,

First synchronize data on the Free version.

Then go to the full version, make sure you have your player setup, when done: do a synchronize on the full version.

2) By using export / import (xml)

If you are running android 2.* version you should currently start by manually download courses used before trying to import data. (will be fixed in JLGolf 2.4.3)

In rounds list click menu and export all rounds. Then in player list choose to export all players.

Now start using the full version, and do the Import of players and rounds. Courses are downloaded during round imports. Its important that you start by importing players as the player should be present when you import rounds to keep statistics.

Please be aware the local courses and rounds on local courses cannot be synchronized or imported. Should you have rounds on a local course, you should have the course uploaded before starting any move of data. (A local course in this context is a course not available online - not uploaded).

Old news

Just released new versions for both Android and iPhone.


Tour add, modify have finally bee developed, now you are able to manage tour on device including connect to hidden tours. this is part of version 2.3.9. being released 2013-04-28

Current application changes name to JLGolf Free, and a new application JLGolf is released. This is a paid version.

There is no exact plans for differences between the two versions, but for now JLGolf will be using GoogleMap 2.0, that is a nice upgrade to maps allowing you better control including ability to rotate the image shown.


Just send new version to review at Apple.

This version includes Google map integration. Show distances not only using the list but on the map including layup distances.

This version does also include a facebook share option. Share your current round to facebook, and let others know that you played the perfect round of golf today.

This is part of the iPhone version 1.9 send for review today ( 2013-04-28 ) expect a release within a few days.

New Android version (2.3.6) just released (2013-04-01). This version includes tour / leaderboard feature. Currently new tours should be managed at www.jlgolf.net but when created you can connect your round to this tour, and show leaderboard for alle players on tour. Tours can be public or private. Scorecards connected to a tour is live updated.

Shot track and measure can now be done using selected player.

The Android version (2.3.5) includes updates to matchplay, supports live scores and have a better integration to facebook.

The iPhone version (1.6) includes a number of fixes to matchplay, greensome and foursome match types.

A new version for iPhone (1.6) have been released (2012-11-20). Have a look at the changelist for more info on this version.

Facebook integration have been off for some time, but its back again now. You should be able to post rounds to you wall, and the facebook app will allow you to list and show posted rounds, giving you options to generate scorecard pdf from within facebook.

A new iPhone version (1.5) has just been released.

This is mostly a version that fixes problems for users upgrading to iOS6 and adding better support for iPhone 5 users.

A few changes have been added: Create statistics for a time periode, and member number on players.

A new android version (2.3.4) has just been released.

This version will allow you not only to register number of shots on each hole. But will allow you to register all shots made on your round.

This will give you the option to get even more stats than now.

To register all shots, you choose "Shot track" in the measure shots preference.

Now clicking on the track distance button on hole edit will send you to a brand new screen where you are able to register all shots as they happen.


You can enter club used, direction (Left/Right...) and result (Green, OOB...). When selection club, you current GPS location is registered as start position of shot.

When entering result, you location is registered as end point for the shot.

The message allow you to keep stat on anything by entering a message once an reusing this message next time something special happens. Now you could get stats on how often this happens.

Leaving this screen will update the score for the player (Shots, Putts, ...)

Having all this info will allow you to get more stats than ever before.

The rond stat have got an update and will on enter have a new version of the scorecard.


We show each hole, and have added a few colors to put more info into the table.

Should you current hcp allow you shots on a hole, the text is marked bold.

This screen now has two buttons on top. A statistics button that will show you all the stats you know, and a Shot track button that will show stats for the round, for each club.


On the Shot track screen, there is a button to show round on a map. Where a hole could look like this:


Now thats just for a single round.

The player stats have also been updated to show Shot track statistics. But of course this is for all the players rounds, and the selected periode.

The player Shot track statistics is not available on map, as it would have to much info to really show anything.

But if you felter the statistics to a single course, a single hole and only choose drives, the stats will not only have information about the drives on this hole. At the bottom there will be added info about percentage of times this club resulted in a birdie, par or bogie on this hole. If you would like to see this on a map. Just click the show on map button, and endpoint of each shot will be marked, and the color will show you the result.

Older news

New android version (2.3.2) just released (2012-08-03), Including:

Fixed problems on maps showing wrong positions (vertical) on some devices, and less flickering on rotated maps..

Allow to show both gross and nett scores, in round status.

Better synch when player names have changed in player list.

Fixed problem playing front/back

Fixed Split sixes problem (stable/stroke)

New android version (2.3.1) just released (2012-07-19), Including:

Statistic for a given periode, this will look as it always have. But with an additional optional icon on the right side.

This icon is a button, and pressing it will lead you to a chart of the selected statistic box.

As a start there have been implemented two types af charts.

A Pie chart :


And a Line chart:


Now this is pretty much it, but the problem now is. What kind of graphs do we need, and showing what ?

The 2.3.1 version got 2 charts in player stats. A chart (pie) showing birdies/pars/bogies. And a chart (line) showing how well I have played on rounds (to what hcp did I play)

Round stats also got 2 charts, the birdie/par/bogie pie chart, and a line chart showing number of putts during round.

New android version (2.3.0) just released, Including updated EGA rules (2012).

New iPhone version (1.4) in Apple review (June. 10 2012). This version have updated EGA rules (2012) and fixes problems synchronizing.

New android version just released (May. 26, 2012), Full changelist can be found on the changelist in topmenu under Android).

New iPhone version (1.3) has been released (June. 3 2012). Fixes problem with the Swedish translation (settings). Full changelist can be found on the changelist in topmenu under iPhone).

A version for iPhone has just been released (v 1.2). (Feb. 23, 2012)

This is a version 1.0 release and is in many ways comparable with the current 2.2.1 android version. The UI is in many ways identical, but you should not expect versions to be identical, as different platforms are different :-).


Updated map view on holes, and updated distances listview.

Here is a sample. The circle shows precision of gps data, and the black line going down shows the direct line form your position to the hole.


The newest android version has an updated look an feel. Round, course and player views are no longer tab pages, but pages like most phones homepage.

In the bottom you will see the number of pages represented by dots, and you switch between pages by swiping your finger on the page.

You can see a sample of a screen below, please note that schreenshots are taken on an android 4.0.3 device. You may experience minor changes on 2.* or 3.* devices.

img img img img

Optimized map view during round.
Major changes to course edit.
Course edit is now a tabbed view, with tabs for edit, rating table and statistics. This allows you to see how you have played a certain course before, showing basically same info as shown in player statistics, but here it will be for the specific course/tee.

Options to change round date or time, this should allow you to enter your old rounds, from before you started to use JLGolf. This will also be useful if you are using round times, and would prefer to create your round in good time before the round is started.
This release also contains som minor fixes to 9 holes rounds and courses.
Changes to hole edit, giving you larger font for the distance to center. Remember that if you do not use distances or measure distances this can be disabled in the settings. Disabling distances will give you a more clean view, by removing the parts you are not using.
German translation
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This is a sample shared entry. If you would like other info on this, perhaps who where you playing with or ??
Send me your suggestion.

Options to keep statistics on your distances with each club.
To use this option, make sure you enabled distance tracking in settings.
You have 3 options.

- Track by club (Remember to choose clubs in your bag from player edit)

- Simple track, you do not want statistics but just single shot measure.

- No tracking. (hides tracking)

Now during round from hole edit you will se a button "Track distance"

Clicking this button starts tracking. If by club you will get a list of clubs in your bag to choose club. (next version will show current average lengths for each club).


When you reach your ball the button would show current distance from start. Clicking the button again will stop tracking, and if you selected a club, you will be presented with a dialog to save current shot to player statistics.


To see full changelist click Info / Changelist

Screenshots and Documentation

More information and a few screenshots can be found at the link.
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