Upgrade from Free to Full version.If you wants to upgrade from Free version to full version, you can have all your old data moved to the free version.

Make sure you have a valid mail and password on the player marked as me.

Now do a synchronize on the free version.

Now move to Full version, setup your "me" player. and remove all other rounds and players, Setup your JLGolf player/user and finally do a synchronize on the Full version.

HTC One X.A few people have reported problems using the HTC One X (distances not stable). This is not a JLGolf software problem, please report the problem to HTC, if its hardware or HTC software problem I do not know, but its their problem.

Synchronize deleted rounds on my device.If you delete a round on the web site, this round will be deleted on your device during synchronize.

Should i create a 9 hole course as 9 or 18 holesAllways create the course based on real number of holes
When creating a round on the course you will have the option whether you would play 9 or 18 holes on the course.

Should i create a 9 hole back/front version of my 18 hole courseNo create the course as 18 holes. When creating a round on the course you get the option to choose between playing 18, fron9 or back9.

How do I upload a course for others to useOn the course list, click and hold on the course. This should give you a menu, with the option to upload the course.

Force close on startupThis problem should only occuring on 1.5 devices, and will be fixed in version 2.0.9, but if you have the option to upgrade to android 2.* this is preffered, as 1.5 support may be removed in future versions.

How do get access to edit course on jlgolf.netRegister your email in preferences, then upload your course again. Then go to jlgolf.net to create new account with your email. Now when logged in to jlgolf.net you should be able to edit your course.

FC when entering roundIf you installed JLGolf on 2010.06.22. This error can only be fixed by a reinstall.

Language supportCurrently supported languages include English, Chinese, French, Danish, Swedish and Dutch.

If you would like support for other languages, please send me an email.

Multi course uploadIf you have data for multiple courses and would like those courses created in JLGolf

try sending me an email with info on how your course data is available, and we

might find a solution to how you can publish those courses via JLGolf.

No uploaded coursesYour uploaded courses is found on base of your device, not email or phone number.

If you change device, your previous uploaded courses is still connected to your old device

and will not be found as your courses on your new device.

There is currently no solution to this problem, but we are working on a way to solve this issue.

Upload errorsIf you get errors on uploading your course, this might be because a course with this name already exists as a public course, or if the course you are trying to update is created by another device.
You are not allowed to update courses you did not originally create.

If you need your own private version of this course, consider upload the course as private. Or if you are the owner or admin of a course, please send an email to support.

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