3.0.4Not released


Fixed problems for users running IOS 7


Fixed problem in quickscore

Fixed problem creating players from list(by number)


Location problem under IOS8 fixed.

Minor UI changes


IOS 8 version fixes.


Fixed problem in Reduced handicap calculations.

Added average stableford to statistics.

Fixed error where HCP change was not calculated for a player in category 3 playing only 9 holes.

Added settings when using EGA, you will now be able to change this to a National version of the EGA HCP system (e.g DK).

Implemented national versions of EGA HCP system for Denmark and Sweden

Will only keep GPS active for max 30 minutes in background.


Added list of live rounds.

Fixed ratingtable on 9 holes courses.

Fixed problems with map freze.


New option to keep round live, allowing others to follow the round as its played.

New list of rounds you have uploaded.

New list of public rounds (rounds others have shared public)

Added option to share a round public for a limited time, could be used if you have been keeping scores and you buddy wants the result/round after its been played.

Added option to name statistics as you like it. You could rename Sandsave to what you like and keep track on exacly that.


Added statistics for each hole to the Course statistics.

Minor changes to UI.

Updated location control, keep gps off if not needed.

2.52013-10-31Support for Pebble watch

Updated location control

Added location option to settings, choose between keeping gps active during round or only when screen is on. Always on will give you fast distance data but will use more battery.

Fixed quickscore problem.

2.42013-10-10Fixed problems running iOS 7 on iPhone 4/4S

-Quick score crash.

-Player/Course edit OK, crash.

-Player/Course edit view scroll.

Minor UI updates

2.32013-09-24Fixed "Get" button error.

Fixed new hcp problem playing 9 holes.

Adjusted to support iOS 7.

2.22013-08-27Better presentation of tees that does not use colors but names.

Added stableford option for foursome and greensome.

Allow greensome/foursome for 2 players.

2.12013-07-27Fixed problem uploading rounds, and checking user data.

2.02013-07-12Added option in settings to choose if layup circles on map should have center around green center or your current position.

Added option om hole map, to allow you to measure to any point on map. Click on the map and get distance from your current position to the point, and from the point to center green.

Added function to change date/time of a round. And a few errors have been fixed.

1.92013-05-02Added google map view to allow you to show distances on a map.

Added facebook share option, you can now share your round on facebook.


Fixed some upload and synchronize problems

Create/Update player from memberid (selected countries)


Player statistics, added option to select periode.

Minor changes to players.

iOS6 related chages

iPhone 5 screen size support.


Modified Playing handicap calculation according to new 2012 EGA specification.

Fixed problem changing round name

Fixed menu problem during round, and in player edit.

Fixed synchronize problem


Fixed Swedish translation problem (Settings)


Fixed stome statistics problems, and removed some situations where the app could crash.


Add player to active round.

New MapView showing course holes in a Map

Updated hole distance list

Fixed problem with stablefords on 9 and 6 hole courses.

Fixed problem with change tee for female player during round.


Initial release

Latest rounds

New courses

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