2.5.6Not released


Fixed problem running on Lollipop (android 5.0)

Updates to wearable app.


Support for wearable devices added to JLGolf.

This part has not been added to JLGolf free, but a specific version has been added JLGolf wear. The wear part in wear does not support Scorecards, but is a distance only app. JLGolf includes a wearable app that supports both simple distance information and Scorecard integration.


Added average stableford points to statistics.

Fixed error where HCP change was not calculated for a player in category 3 playing only 9 holes.

Added settings when using EGA, you will now be able to change this to a National version of the EGA HCP system (e.g DK).

Implemented national versions of EGA HCP system for Denmark and Sweden


Fixed som minor stability issues


Fixed problem where multiple scorecard where uploaded.


Fixed map integration


Added list live rounds, including some details on the rounds.

Changed the internal on how live rounds work.

Added option to change statistics naming allowing you to change the name of all statistics, use this if you e.g never use chip option but where missing an option to keep stats on slice/hook.

Fixed som minor bugs.

2.4.62013-10-17Pebble support: fixed button press problem.


Better presentation of tees that does not use colors but names.

Added stableford option for foursome and greensome.

Allow greensome/foursome for 2 players.

Added Pebble watch integration (beta)


Minor changes to player statistics

Changed round / course / player lists loading and refreshing.

General bug fixing.


Minor changes to distance list, larger font, and highlight center distance.

Fixed shot track on map.

Fixed import problem on android 2.* devices.

Removed NFC support for android pre. 4.1 devices.


Fixed problems using JLGolf on devices running Android 1.6 - 2.2.

Users on android 2.3 and up, do not need this update.


New Spanish translation by Roberto.

Updated German translation by Andreas.

NFC support (android 2.3.3+), exchange current Player, Course or Scorecard by holding devices together.

Fixed problems managing tours

Fixed problem changing round date/time

Fixed problem reordering players.

Free version limitations 2 courses, 5 players and 5 rounds.


Minor UI changes

Player sort, keep me on top

GoogleMap updated distance view (touch)

Fix some errors


Tour modify and create added.

Fixed distance list, that was broken in 2.3.7 version.

Now two versions JLGolf and JLGolf Free. Currently the differences between the versions is in the map implementation.


Added tour / leaderboard feature. Currently new tours should be managed at but when created you can connect your round to this tour, and show leaderboard for alle players on tour. Tours can be public or private. Scorecards connected to a tour is live updated.

Shot track and measure can now be done using selected player.

Fixed some minor problems.


Fixed some errors in upload and synchronize.

Updates to all matchplay based gametypes.

Support for live rounds.

Better facebook integration, added live rounds.


Added option to enter results not only by hole, but by every single shot. To use this go to settings, change Shot track option to Shot track. Now keep stat on every single drive, or putt.

Fixed problem with some tee colors.

Fixed problem with facebook share.


Fixed player stat selected periode problems.

Fixed player select list on android 4.1.* devices.

Minor changes to scorecard and related.


Fixed problems on maps showing wrong positions (vertical) on some devices, and less flickering on rotated maps..

Allow to show both gross and nett scores, in round status.

Better synch when player names have changed in player list.

Fixed problem playing front/back

Fixed Split sixes problem (stable/stroke)


Changed how distance to point works, now showing lines and text instead of toast.

Changed player statistics, now allowing you to select periode for stats.

Added a few charts to statistics to see feedback from users. If it works well, future releases will have more.

Fixed problem in Swedish version, (default to EGA, Stableford and metric).


Modified Playing handicap calculation according to new 2012 EGA specification.

Minor adjustment to hole edit

Auto checkupdate reactivated


Fixed problem with handicap result in round and player stat not calculated the same way.

Create player from memberID (limited countries/organisations/clubs)

Fixed problem where app could crash on facebook integration and during startup.


Fixed to large font on stats.

Fixed player stats, that did not show correct stats.

Fixed problems with distance measure and orientation change.


Added more club options to clubselection.

Fixed create course FC.

Fixed problems in player edit using white theme.


Fixed problems adding/removing players during round (and related).

Added Orange tee colour.


Fixed problem with create player from contact.

Updated distance list

Updated distance mapview

Fixed problem with random FC


Simplified search for courses.

Fixed problem with create round(2.2.2) and context menus in round/cours/player list(2.2.1)

This is mostly a UI upgrade, moving from tabs to swipe based navigation.

Techical upgrade of internal app to allow support for tablets.

Support for android 4.* devices.

Discontinued support for android 1.5 devices.

4 Themes (Blue*, Green, White, Black)

UI more or less aligned with upcoming iPhone version.

Rewrote statistics calculator.

Optimized rounds list.

Added view as pdf for rounds without having to email round. Requires a pdf viewer on your device.


Optimized map view during round.

Fixed problem on course statistics if no rounds are played on the course
Fixed problem with courses having '&' in the name

Easy access to reporting problems with course data.
Fixed problem with distance not being visible in black theme on hole edit.
New course edit dialogs. Course edit have 3 tabs. Edit, rating table and statistics. Statistics is for all players you have registered scores for, or only you. It is build like player stats, but does only count data for selected tee, and includes stats for each hole on the selected tee.

Fixed facebook share from within round.
Fixed club stat min/max that is currently always showing metric even when user is using yards.
Added link to rating table from within round.
Added option to change date of round.
Fixed error in course creation for 9 holes rounds.

German translation
Fixes to fb integration.
Other minor bug fixing.

Share to facebook.
Player import/export
Improvements to shot distance tracking

Fixed error in hcp when changing from reduced to full hcp during round.

Optimized scorecard colors to more viewable colors, on devices that previously had problems.

Added option to track shot distances, as single shot or by club with statistics.
Fix for back nine export/import/upload/download
Finnish translation.
Fixed error in hcp when changing course/tee/hcp during round.
Changed default tee selection for females to red.
Added option to mark extra shots with more visible symbols.

New synchronize all data (2way sync of both rounds and players).
Option to play front/back nine on 18 hole courses.
Option to enter specific front/back ratings.
Added EDS option when using EGA rating.
Better support for calculation of new hcp when playing 9 holes (EGA)
Bug fixing for android 3.* version
Slightly better support for matchplay not starting at hole one.
History scores bugs fixed.
Several minor improvements and bug fixing

Added 100, 150 and 200 (y/m) layup marking to map.
Added navigate to option on courses, will start navigation tool on your device to this course.
On result show current handicap index and index based on current result.
On players stat added average playing handicap, based on played 18 holes rounds.
Mark players as favorit, this will allow them to be listed in top of lists for easy finding, just like courses.
Increased font size on maps view and simple view.
Minor adjustment to listing of playing time.

Option to keep GPS on for faster fix during rounds (will require more battery)
Fix for android 1.5
Check if course is online before creating pdf, to prevent errors when trying to send mail.
Option to choose scorecard format for mails (choose between the default scorecard, and a course like scorecard
Register estimate on time spent during round total and on each hole
Register estimate on distance traveled during round
Fix for preference errors and language problems.

Fix for decimal HCP that was broken in 2.0.7
Mail scorecard to individual playes from scorecard
Fixed button colours on holeedit
Auto upload rounds (player-option)
Check if gps is enabled on round edit
Add player from phone contact list
Minor bug fixing

Fixed problem when creating new courses.
Allow to add hole lengths (optional )

Fixed rating table.
Added basic support for tablets (Honeycomb), this is primarily about ensuring that the current views work as expected, not a total tablet restyling yet.
Minor styling issues on scorecard.

Send scorecard as pdf to players
Fixed minor problems


Graphics changed.

Added up and download of rounds to (setup "me" player with email and password to before trying this)
Added email and phone to players
Removed email in setup, moved to player.
Added password/test to "me" player
Fixed points on round list
Reduced hcp calc fixed
Minor fixes

New HCP options Full, Scratch, Reduced
Fixed import/export errors
Fixed 9/6 hole course problems
Fixed matchplay problems

Matchplay scorecard fixed result entry
Hole note in fullscreen
Fixed color problem on choose players dialog on pre 2.0 devices
New game types: Modified stableford, (mixed)Foursome, (mixed)Greensome and Split sixes

Export round, file get name from round name
New stat chip
More player stats
Minor stat bug fixing
Fixed FC for new install

Move to SD support
New marker type Out of bounds
Marker type Other can be given name
Added Optional Area (Green/Fairway) to markers
Added Optional Side (Left/Right/Front/Back) to markers
Tabs cleanup

Moved changelist online
Added gross stableford to results (gross stableford being stableford result if playing without hcp)
Round stats added alternate gametype results (Modified stableford, Split sixes ...)
Flag position adjusted for devices with alternate density
Show or edit note to hole during rounds
Register problem on hole, and get stats on most frequent problems in your game
Map will point towards hole during rounds.

More stats to player.
Added isMe to player edit, to help you find it.
Fixed error that required 3 tees instead of one male and one female.
Mark course as favorite.
Show over/under par in current round status. (default netto, but with preference to show brutto instead)
Sync player hcp after round, or when changing player round hcp.

Player sorting on new round now preference (hcp based, me first or me last).
Uploading requires minimum one male and one female tee.
Rating of courses.
Swedish language support by Göran.

Fixed text color on Mark listing
Minor changes to Import, and added new file selection
Player stat changed
Fixed error when changing course on a round, from a 9 or 6 hole course to 18 hole course.
Support for X10 mini

Optimized hole edit
Changed hole mark list (removed direction)
If a player is marked as "me" always put this player first when creating new rounds.
New penalty stat.

New tapin and sandsave stats
New distance view on rounds (list view)
New marker type Other
Preferences for DistanceView split between course and round

Fixed error on scorecard hole 11,12

New Hole edit and Stat edit layouts

New stroke / putt entry dialogs
Fixed upload error

Option to create courses with 6 or 9 holes.
Fix for GPS problems on some devices.

New preference to check for course update each month, each 3 month or never.
Check for updated courses, will check if online version of currently downloaded courses are updated, and will then update the local version.
Translated to french (lyso).

1.8.22010-07-09When uploading course email is sent with course data to allow edit of course by this email on

1.8.12010-07-08Fixed upload problem.
Removed delete player from round total in match play.
Now you can find and create courses on

1.8.02010-07-03Allow own naming of tee.
Fixed upload error.

1.7.92010-07-02Improved defaults (not when updating) yards/metric, handicap type / rating type.
Added EGU handicap calculations.
In UK/IE use SSS in CR will allow calculation of new HCP.
Buttons now has minimum size.
Fixed FC in new course map, on click before downloading is completed.

1.7.82010-06-30New list courses in map.

1.7.62010-06-25More statistics.
Fixed error when changing game type to match play.
Fixed net shots in stableford.

1.7.52010-06-24Minor changes to match play and stroke play scoring.
New default game type preference.
Fixed errors in round imports, and round sharing.

1.7.42010-06-22Finally we got more game types, now supporting strokeplay, matchplay and stableford,

existing rounds will be stableford unless you have disabled stableford in preferences.

Please give feedback if you find problems with this, or if matchplay implementation is not exactly as you would like it.
Fixed error in hcp calculator, affecting scorecard tab.
Fixed missing validation of hcp in player edit.

1.7.12010-06-20Link to dokumentation in About and our website.
New player statistics.
Mark player as me(longpress), pulling data to round list for this player.
Search course dialog more readable
Minor change to round tabs total and stat
Updated statistics.
Fixed a minor error in upload, combined with share round(2.fix)

1.6.82010-06-15Added putts to default hole edit view, and moved stat edit to menu
Updated history views, with extended info.
Fixed problem with course import.

1.6.62010-06-13Share rounds with others, and download rounds others have shared
Chinese locales (thanks to Ling Xu),
New preference to make statistics input default, or keep it optional
New history dialogs with average scores on each hole.(click menu in a round on total, scorecard or hole tab)
Minor fixes to current import and export.
Added import of rounds.

1.6.32010-06-10Fixed FC hole 18. Minor change to Export round. New Import course function (look at www for info).

1.6.22010-06-09Export to CSV and XML implemented, if email is set up in preferences, allow to have data send to email. Theme change, choose between default, light and black theme.

1.6.12010-06-02Allow control of players sorting in rounds.

1.6.02010-05-29Download allows updating already downloaded course.

1.5.92010-05-28Updated map views, to make it simpler and easy to use.

1.5.82010-05-22Fixed stability in list courses, updated download and players list with more info.
Filter stat to avoid data without info.
1.5.72010-05-18Fixed FC in players

1.5.62010-05-17Fixed FC in settings (EN-version)

1.5.52010-05-14New info field on player, and extended stat view.

1.5.32010-05-10New stats, and option to remove stableford score from views.

1.5.22010-05-07New round overview tab, scorecard added ATS on holes, hole edit button for easy shot register.

1.4.82010-02-20Minor bug fixes. Headers in rating tab. Fixed green tee

1.4.72010-02-17Minor bug fix. and changes in public, private dialogs (keep it as simple as possible)

1.4.62010-02-09Avoid creating demo player/course/round after delete

Adjust. Google view, when having both center, front and back position.

Fixed error in pref. for distance in hole tab on scorecard

1.4.52010-02-06Minor fixes. Search and gps usage

Fixed fc, in Gps maps and small fixes in scorecard

New scorecard views,

Confirm on delete, add/remove player to round, fixed pref. problem.

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